weeks old (and sometimes older), so we cannot commit to individual puppies, colors or genders right away.

The Puppy Interest Form helps us to understand what you are looking for in a dog and to match you as a potential owner with a dog that will ultimately turn out to be what you are looking for. It does not constitute a contract on our part or a commitment that we will sell a puppy to you, and your responses do not serve as the sole determinant of whether or not we will offer a puppy to you.  Similarly, submitting the form does not obligate you in any way.

Prior to taking the puppy home, you will be given information on training and care of your puppy, a list of what you will need prior to the pup's arrival at your home, and a sample copy of our contract. On pickup day, you will be given a completed contract (which you must sign), your puppy’s AKC registration application, a copy of the pedigree, a copy of health records, a bag of puppy food, feeding instructions, pictures of the sire and dam, information on registering the puppy's microchip identification number and a toy that smells familiar. These items are by no means everything the puppy needs, but we include them to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and the puppy.

Please take into consideration all costs of dog ownership and be sure it fits into your budget. You will need to allow for the cost of adequate fencing if you don't have it already, high quality food and veterinary expenses. This breed requires frequent brushing and needs to be professionally groomed once a month.

Dog ownership is a major and very rewarding responsibility.  In many ways, it is similar to having children -- your patience, commitment, financial support and love are all required every day.  We want the best for our puppies and want them in homes where they are considered important members of the family. English Cockers are very people-oriented, and look to you for leadership and companionship. If you are up to this major, long-term and rewarding commitment, the relationship you have with your dog will give you both many years of joy.

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Thank you for your interest in our English Cocker Spaniels. We are breeding primarily to produce high quality dogs for ourselves to show and enjoy, and we also offer puppies to performance competitors and to loving homes as pets.  Our cockers are bred to conform to the breed standard and for intelligence, health, soundness and temperament.  We are dog lovers who participate in various dog-related events and are members of national and regional English Cocker and all-breed clubs.

We screen prospective owners carefully; hence the need for personal information on our Puppy Interest Form.  Some of the questions may seem invasive, but it's important for us to understand your lifestyle in order to make the right decisions about puppies for you.  We will want to get to know you, to hear your preferences and goals, and what you want from your dog.  Similarly, you are welcome to visit and interview us about the environment in which our puppies are whelped, socialized and raised, and about our philosophy and principles.  We welcome visitors whether we have puppies or not.

Before a puppy leaves our home, it has been well cared for, socialized and loved. You are responsible for the further development of the puppy’s personality, through love, training and discipline. Although we will have begun some preliminary housebreaking, the real job will be yours when you take the puppy home.  We do not recommend paper training.  Most puppies 8 weeks and older can be very well housebroken in a month or so if the owner is consistent with it, and the benefits of cold-turkey training long term are worth the effort.  It is a good idea to put aside some vacation time to devote to a new puppy immediately after it comes home, for housebreaking, socialization and bonding.  It's well worth the investment in a close new long-term relationship.

Our pet puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration, which means that if the dog is bred, the resulting offspring cannot be registered with the AKC.  This discourages random and non-researched breedings.  Pet puppies are required to be spayed or neutered. We may require a spay/neuter deposit of $100 at the time of sale, refundable within seven business days of receipt of proof of surgery from your veterinarian.  Although many veterinarians suggest neutering or spaying at around 6 months, we prefer to wait until they are 12 months old, so the puppy can mature fully with hormones intact, guiding physical development according to its gender.  This is a breed that has been very well protected by the diligence of responsible breeders who are dedicated to maintaining its quality.

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to picking a puppy than choosing the first one that comes to you. Because we have been observing them during their development, we know the puppies better than prospective owners.  We make the decisions regarding which puppy goes to which home based on our experience and observations. It is unlikely that you would be able to pick your own pet puppy, unless there is more than one available that suits your needs and circumstances.  We will not make final determinations about show quality puppies until they are at least 10

If you wish to be put on our waiting list, please submit the Puppy Interest Form.  Thank you very much for your interest.

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